Plug N Play ECU Kits

When you purchase a ECU kit from ECU’s TO GO Ltd you can rest assured your replacement part will be supplied 100% correctly and will work straight out of the box once fitted for more info Check out home page or Ecu Vauxhall page.

We have designed Easy Photo Fit step by step instructions with only six steps to follow to installing your replacement ECU kit and getting you back on the road fast. These instructions will be sent to you with the ECU kit and are also downloadable in our member’s area at WWW.ECUSTOGO.CO.UK

Rest assured, if you need help and advice on installation a qualified friendly Vauxhall technician is only a phone call or email away and will be glad to help and has over 20 years experience working on Vauxhall cars both electrical and mechanical.

Information about E.C.U Units

Just because a part number looks the same the settings inside a control unit won’t be. Your E.C.U communicates with other safety critical modules on your car such as A.B.S brakes, Power steering, Aircon, Esp, Auto gearbox, traction control(esp),Cooling Control Modules, Cruise control, Fuel computers, alarm system etc. If the ECU is not configured and programmed correctly this can lead into big problems.

Once you purchase a unit the ECU will be programmed exactly to your car’s set up and configuration. The unit will then be tested and dispatched to you within the next day with a full one year’s warranty provided your old ECU kit is returned to ECUs TO GO within 30 days of purchase (see warranty conditions). at WWW.ECUSTOGO.CO.UK

The replacement unit will also have the latest calibration software update which Vauxhall have released for your car which addresses certain driveabilty issues and in some examples i.e. 2001 Astra G Z16se engine removes the E.G.R valve from the software making the driving more responsive at low speeds and general all round driveability much improved.

Warranty Conditions and Returns found at WWW.ECUSTOGO.CO.UK